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       Soldex Group Ltd. clearly understands the mechanisms of the corporate event industry. Our dedicated team of event organizers strives to exceed the expectations of our corporate clients’ special events. We realize that a successful corporate event should portray the right message, display the required theme and inspire the target audience. Soldex Group designs such corporate events for its esteemed clientele that it leaves a lasting impression on the event attendees.

       Soldex Group Ltd. assists you step by step during your corporate events so that you don’t lose focus on your business priorities. Our program will take care of every aspect of your corporate event from concept to completion. Together with us, you can plan a final event aligned to your company’s vision and goals.

       Corporate events are time consuming to organize and require immense attention to detail. At Soldex Group Ltd., we have an eye for detail along with extensive knowledge to use resources effectively to execute corporate events at any level. We have close ties with the vendors and contractors in our network so that all the special event production needs are met efficiently. We believe that teamwork between specialists in each field is essential to the success of any given event.




FORTECO EUROPE was formed by likeminded individuals with the goal of improving man's relationship with the environment. Our planet's ecological disasters lead us to believe that the only solution is a human response with a strong scientific basis: recycling.

Cooperation with European companies who specialize in incineration equipment, enables us to present a full plan for the processing of waste - from a home trash can to a lit up lightbulb in the same house. Beside electricity which is generated in the incineration process, heat energy is also generated, which can be used for agricultural purposes.



We work closely with top management across private, public, and non-profit business to transform industries. We materialize opportunities to expand into promising business areas; turning strategic visions into a tangible reality for partners, committing ourselves to obtaining successful and lasting results.

Our open and entrepreneurial nature encourages our partners to solve their biggest challenges with us. We work in highly specialized areas of business-strategy, which generate stable niches in the market.

The four main attributes which characterize our work:

Solving strategic problems with a deep knowledge of the European business environment.
Including a competence assessment of both clients and suppliers.
Deep knowledge of various business operations across Europe.
Introduction and commitment to fresh strategic business goals with a guaranteed result.
Understanding of global business requirements and abilities of partners, with a clear view of local and global markets.



Many years of successful cooperation with leading producers of clothing and accessories in the mass-market segment, including being official distributor for some, has uniquely positioned us as reliable partners of major retailers and e-shops. This industry, along with our other engagements, undeniably constitutes a strategically important component of world trade, which is why our team is extremely dedicated to this sphere.



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